On 2016-06-13 22:12, Walter Bright wrote:

It's the "first 5 minutes" thing. Every hiccup there costs us maybe half
the people who just want to try it out.

Even the makefiles have hiccups. I've had builds fail with the dmd
system because I had the wrong version of make installed. And it doesn't
fail with "you have the wrong make program installed" messages, it fails
with some weird error message pointing into the middle of the makefile.

The makefiles, especially posix.mak, have grown into horrific snarls of
who-knows-what-is-happening. I hate makefiles that call other makefiles.
Sometimes I feel like chucking them all and replacing them with a batch
file that is nothing more than an explicit list of commands:

    dmd -c file1.d
    dmd -c file2.d

etc. :-)

I couldn't agree more. With the D compiler being so fast it's reasonable to just recompile everything at once instead of trying to track what's changed.

/Jacob Carlborg

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