On 2016-06-14 14:04, drug wrote:

I don't agree if you don't mind. I have two almost identical
implementation of the same thing in D and C++. And if I rebuild them
totally - yes, dmd is faster than gcc:
    dmd        5 secs
    ldmd2      6 secs
    make      40 secs
    make -j10 11 secs

But if I changed several lines only then dmd time doesn't change and gcc
takes much less time. In fact digits are small for D, but I feel the
difference really. Not big, not bad, but it exists.

For me, IIRC, it takes longer time to recompile a single C++ file from the DMD source code than it takes to build Phobos from scratch. What's slowing down the compilation of Phobos is the C code.

/Jacob Carlborg

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