On Friday, 8 July 2016 at 23:31:38 UTC, Stefan Koch wrote:
and mine is segfaulting in some bizarre ways (i failed my basic ++ and -- math, and so the stack ;-).

still, it is almost working, with support for both compiled and interpreted function calls, almost full range of integer math and some string ops. druntime still compiles and passes unittests, but phobos segfaulted somewhere deep in my CTFE engine. i really need to re-check all added opcodes and codegen.

writing that was surprisingly easy. and sometimes simply surprisingly: "how did you came to me with this, DMD?! eh? aha, i see now, thank you, grep." ;-)

some stats: virtual machine is <30KB of code now. compiler is ~70KB, but there is alot of copypasta in there (you know, it happens when the code grows organically).

if someone is interested in interop between frontend and backend, writing engine like this is a nice way to make yourself familiar, as CTFE interpreter effectively gets already semanticed AST, with most things correctly lowered and so on. so you only have to copy dummy CtfeCompiler from dinterpret.d (it only count vars there, otherwise doing nothing), and start extending it.

even when we'll get new shiny engine from Stefan, i still recommend to anyone who wish to understand how compiled and processed code looks inside the frontend at least try to implement some simple bytecode compiler. with some care seeing that you are effectively replacing compiler parts, and it is still able to compile complex unittests is... yeah, go find the word. ;-)

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