On Tuesday, 17 October 2017 at 13:45:02 UTC, Suliman wrote:
I was thinking about using Jason White's io library, but I haven't seen him around in a while
Yes, it would be interesting if you will get some from his lib. He have very good API

I previously collaborated a bit on that library as it was very close to the design I had in mind since years. Unfortunately the lib seems unmaintained now and also went somewhat off-track with a std.socket wrapper (https://github.com/jasonwhite/io/commit/3bbe43954d9c11cc892da10f656f31fff863875a#diff-a5ef7b1ce67d62b95f9bdf019adc4784). But indeed I'll try to contact him.

Furthermore I want this to be very focused (no stat/fs functionality beyond what's necessary), but also add hooks for Fiber based async event loops.

It's really not that much work to write an unbuffered I/O library, so let's see where that goes.

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