On Wednesday, 14 February 2018 at 08:06:13 UTC, Mike Franklin wrote:
Aren’t you concered that Rust is faster in this benchmark?

Not at all. The challenge was to write expressive code and if performance really matters I can always opt to optimize the hot path of the program and don’t need to pay a > 4x code duplication cost upfront.

You've gotta address this, IMO. What's the performance/expressiveness tradeoff like in D?


Good point. I tried to address this and changed the text to:

Not at all. The challenge was to write expressive code. When performance really matters D provides the same tools as C or C++ and D even supports native interoperability with C and most of C++.

In this example, however, I/O is the bottleneck and D provides a few convenience features like using locked file handles, s.t. accessing files is thread-safe by default, or supporting unicode input. However, it’s easy to opt out of such productivity features and for the interested readers I have attached a slightly optimized version at the end.

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