On Tuesday, 13 February 2018 at 23:35:36 UTC, Seb wrote:
Someone revived the Expressive C++17 Coding Challenge thread today and I thought this is an excellent opportunity to revive my blog and finally write an article showing why I like D so much:


It's mostly targeted at beginners as I explain many basic D features, but maybe it's helpful for beginners looking into D.

Nice! Good overview of many of the good things in D.


I used the following rdmd script to generate a simple CSV file with 10 fields and 10m lines:

rdmd --eval='10.iota.map!(a=> "field".text(a)).join(",")
.repeat(10_00_000).joiner("\n").writeln' > input_big.csv

10_00_000 should probably be 10_000_000.

They are only view on the actual memory and you don’t copy the array, but just the view on (in D it’s called a slice).

Missing some words here: "only *a* view". "but just the view on" seems to be missing the second half of the sentence.

There's also a few typos: 'vauge' should be 'vague', 'it providers' should be 'it provides', 'shot yourself in the feet' should probably be 'shoot yourself in the foot'

Thanks for writing all this - it's a great intro to the language.


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