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> Also, D is pretty good a depracating stuff, so why not deprecate
> the current way of imports, and gradually move to something (that
> resolves issues):
> e.g.
> import std.stdio, std.whatever[this, that], std.somethingelse,
> std.grr[wtf];
> I actually really like that syntax. It's really efficient for my
> brain to process.

We deprecate stuff when we need to, but every time we deprecate something,
it breaks code (even if it's not immediate breakage), so the benefits that
come from a deprecation need to be worth the breakage that it causes. Every
D program on the planet which isn't completely trivial uses imports, and
many of them use selective imports. So, you're talking about breaking a
large percentage of the existing programs for a syntax change. That's not
likely to go over well. Large breakage like that can be acceptable when it
clearly fixes bugs but not just for aesthetics.

- Jonathan M Davis

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