On Sunday, 11 March 2018 at 01:25:07 UTC, Dylan Graham wrote:
betterc is just another way of supporting that crowd..and it's a very big crowd.

Yeah, 29% of the crowd.

29% of the existing D crowd who answered the survey, which means around 150 people, or about how many download one compiler, dmd, in an average hour of the day:


Meanwhile, Walter wrote a blog post about his betterC efforts last year, and it was the third-most liked link from dlang.org on reddit over the last year, with 226 net likes:


No. 2?  Another article about using D without the GC.

Now, as I've said on the forum several times, I personally don't care for @nogc or betterC: I don't use them. I'm sure many existing D users don't either. However, as those reddit stats show, there is interest from _outside_ the D community for them.

When it comes to strategic decisions like this to bring in new users from outside the community, you cannot depend on polling users within the community to figure it out. Argue against betterC really bringing in new users if you want, but arguing that it doesn't help existing users is missing the point.

I'm not sure how successful betterC will be in pulling in those users, as I'm not a C/C++ programmer and don't know what they want, but the popularity of those links suggests the D foundation is on the right track.

Your problem is not betterc, but something else. So focus on that instead.

You're right, my problem isn't BetterC, it's the fact that Foundation can't get its priorities right. BetterC is a symptom.

The Foundation's priorities are not simply serving the existing users but growing the userbase.

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