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--- Comment #5 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-08-06 15:02:36 
PDT ---
While I agree that it can sometimes be confusing whether a function takes a
value by ref or by value, I think that it would clutter code to be using ref at
the call site like that. It also gives a false sense of security, since if it's
not required, you could easily have code which calls functions which take
arguments by ref where some of the calls use ref at the call site and some
don't, ultimately confusing anyone reading the code, since it would give the
impression that those using ref at the call site passed by ref and those that
didn't didn't, which wouldn't be true.

The only way that this would really make sense, IMHO, is if it were required.
And that would cause problems for generic code and for functions which are
overloaded on ref or const ref. It would also potentially cause issues with
auto ref parameters.

So, while this in interesting idea, I think that it's ultimately a bad idea.

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