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PDT ---
At this point, changes to the core language are not going to be made without a
very good reason, so expect ideas (be they yours or someone else's) to have to
add something significant to the language, or they're not likely to be
accepted. And that's the sort of thing that it's very difficult to convince
Walter of (who is who you really need to convince). Changes to the core
language are going to be rare at this point. Non-breaking changes (such as this
one) are more likely to be accepted, but the language definition is supposed to
be essentially stable at this point. Generally, the only changes which are
going to be made are those which overcome a flaw or corner case in the language
which needs to be resolved. So, feel free to propose new ideas, but they have a
very high bar to pass before they're going to make it in. And unless you can
convince Walter that a feature is worth adding, it's not going to be added no
matter how much value other people see in it.

As for whether I personally see value in a particular feature, _of course_ I'm
likely to be against a feature that I see no value in. Wouldn't _you_ usually
be against a feature that you see no value in? Now, that doesn't mean that
there is no value in the feature or that it definitively shouldn't be added
just because I don't like it. It just means that I'm arguing against it.

And in this particular case, I don't think that what your proposing really adds
much value. Instead, it clutters code and risks being highly confusing if it's
used inconsistently. So, I don't think that the feature should be added. If you
can get Walter to agree with you, then it'll probably be added. But unless have
solid arguments which quite a few people agree with, you're probably not going
to manage that. And even if you do, Walter is hard to convince.

So, go ahead and suggest this feature. It may get in. Personally, I'm against
it, and I seriously question that Walter would be in favor of it. But good

On a side note, any language changes like this will probably have to undergo a
fair bit of discussion in the newsgroup before Walter will agree to add it
unless it's clearly a major improvement. So, if you really want this feature,
you should bring it up in the newsgroup.

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