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> At this point, changes to the core language are not going to be made without a
very good reason, so expect ideas (be they yours or someone else's) to have to
add something significant to the language, or they're not likely to be

Right. That part makes 100% sense.

But that's nothing like the arguments you've used against my ideas.

The part that doesn't make any sense is the "I don't see a point in it" or the
"it clutters the language" argument...

> As for whether I personally see value in a particular feature, _of course_ I'm
likely to be against a feature that I see no value in.

There's a difference between:
"I don't see a value in that feature"
"I don't see why ANY group of people would value that feature"
If NEITHER of those apply, then yes, I argue against it. But if I can see why
someone might like a feature (as I'm sure you do, even if you don't like it
yourself), then I don't dismiss it simply because I don't like it.

> Wouldn't _you_ usually be against a feature that you see no value in?

Examples? Here you go:

- I don't see a value in "final switch". I don't care that it's there, either.
- I don't see a value in "with". I even think it clutters the code. And yet I
don't care that it's there, either, because I can see why people (e.g. VB
users) would like it.
- I ***ABSOLUTELY HATE*** being forced to use "!is null" instead of "!= null"
to compare reference types. It doesn't make any sense to me, and IMHO it should
be removed from the language tomorrow.
But I'm not arguing against it.
Why? Because: I can see why people from other languages (VB, Python, etc.)
would find it more useful, even though to me it's just plain stupid.

So no, I don't argue against something just because I don't like it. There has
to be a clear reason why it sucks, rather than "it sucks because it's not
technically necessary for the language to be Turing complete, and I don't find
it handy".

Let me know if you need more examples.

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