--- Comment #9 from 2011-08-06 17:03:11 PDT ---
> John: It's pretty interesting how you always like the status quo

It's the way he is, everyone has the rights to be himself or herself. And ad
hominem attacks are out of place in Bugzilla.

> - I don't see a value in "final switch". I don't care that it's there, either.

If you switch on an emum, it gives you a nice error if later you add a new item
to the enum. Contrary to your proposal, this is a known source of bugs in C/C++

By the way, I (vaguely) like this proposal, this is why I am commenting here.
But to add a feature like this, that has a (small but evident) costs, you must
somehow justify it. I agree it's hard to find such "proof".

And I think Jonathan is right, making its usage optional is probably going to
give troubles.

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