On Wednesday, 21 September 2016 at 17:22:26 UTC, bachmeier wrote:

I agree, but it is easier to learn those things if you're using a different language, due to the assumption with vibe.d that you've got that background.

Yeah, I think that's the basic problem with people's expectations of vibe.d. What is hard is not vibe.d but to know how to set up a web project properly, which is a different kettle of fish. Maybe we should make this clear to everyone: vibe.d helps you to set up a server/web service, if you are already familiar with or willing to learn web stuff.

Nice additions to vibed.org would be:

1. (more) template projects (chat room etc.)
2. a section that addresses common problems (cross origin access and whatnot)

The web is a never ending source of grief for developers. Did you know that to be able to play sound files more than once in Chrome you have to `addField("Accept-Ranges", "bytes")` whenever a sound file is requested? Not so with FF. It just never ends, and I think sooner or later you will run into problems like that with any framework.

tldr; vibe.d helps you to set up web servers, but you have to know web related stuff too - or be willing to learn it as you go along. It's not straight out of the box.

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