On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 09:56:01 -0400, Nick Sabalausky wrote:
> Not to be a dick, but you really didn't look *at all*, did you?

You *are* being a dick. Please stop it.

When someone takes the time to post something like this, they are 
reporting the pain they experienced. They might not articulate the 
precise problem that exists, but that general area has a significant pain 
point. Berating them is an inappropriate response.

Vibe has some documentation. Either Intersteller didn't find it after 
what they thought a reasonable amount of searching, or they found it and 
found it lacking.

Features whose documentation you can't find are equivalent to missing 

Vibe is under active development. This apparently isn't advertised well 
enough for Intersteller to be confident in it. The home page has release 
announcements for February and July, which seems appropriate for a small 
project occasionally worked on. In this case, it's a moderately large 
project steadily worked on, with blog posts about as frequent as the 
golang.org blog.

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