Maybe i made myself not very clear. Sorry about that.

I mention this as reading topics here shows the same behavior. People complain. Specific people here keep responding how the complainer needs to do it themselves or pay for it. Tracing the people that "complained" there post history, shows that most of them simply do not post anymore, after being told to do it themselves.

I do not want to wast people there time, i only responded to this here because its obvious pattern. I agree that this seems to be a very small community and it is hard to get things done in a small community. But it is counter productive to constantly tell people that there is no solution, they need to do it or pay for it. Its like hearing a broken record that keeps skipping to the same beat.

People who have the time and willingness to do so, WILL do it themselves without being told on a forum. All the rest is simply negative PR for the people who lurk ( not post ) and read the comments.

The 'we' refers to me and my colleague. And 'we' do mean that the amount of posting here that ask people to do the work is way more then on other language forums. We understand the reasoning but its about first impressions. And when anybody reads comments stating the above too many times, it simply feels like the community is too small to support the language. Causation and effect. The more pushing does not result in more people actually contributing. It can have the reverse effect of actually pushing people away.

Its beating a dead horse because i expect that months from now, the same pattern will still be here. Need to get back to actual work or the boss will be less happy. And that person pushing that much more effect :)

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