On Friday, 2 February 2018 at 15:06:35 UTC, Benny wrote:
D has no default HTTP server. So you need to rely on vibe.d. Vibe.d being a external package that then relies on a few people to maintain it.

You could also use my libs, which have been around far longer than vibe.d and work fairly well with a variety of things including http serving, cgi interfacing, databases, gui, scripting, all in easy-to-use independent modules and often using reliable first-party libraries to avoid bugs.

Of course, you can be forgiven for not knowing that, since I don't aggressively advertise them. I'm tempted to package it all together someday though... a "just works" thing with the packaged libs and maybe even an IDE would be nice. But alas, I don't have an IDE packaged like that (yet, at least).

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