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I dont post here often but...

Most of what you complain is known already and/or not entirely correct. People who work on D are not some glue sniffing brain dead individuals that are incapable of understanding that documentation is not perfect, library support is lacking and user experience is not at the same level as C#. That and more are known here. Over the years that I lurked here I saw many people come on forums and complain about things that are obvious and say them in a way that indirectly imply incompetence of core contributors. Things don't work not because of incompetence but because there is not enough people working on things. Thats why you get answers you get. To fix problems we need people who work so either you become one (fix it yourself) or get some one else to work (pay money).

The entire D project is fueled by coffee and dislike of C/C++ and its amazing that it achieved so much with so little

It is pretty amazing, and it's a testament to how appealing the D language can be, even with all its surrounding pain points.

As a long time lurker it seems like I see posts like Benny's more often recently than I recall seeing in years past. This makes me happy--to me it's a sign that more people are seriously considering D than used to. I also think it's good to be reminded of what newcomers' pain points are, and I'm glad Benny took the time to list his.

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