On Friday, 2 February 2018 at 15:06:35 UTC, Benny wrote:

You don't want any comments on your post, but this being the internet, it's necessary to respond when you disagree.

D has a nice community IF you fit into the mold. As a Windows user i am frankly fed up with people giving responses as "report it, fix it yourself" when it has been clearly stated that i do as much.

Or when a opinion is voiced about potential improvements, it comes down to "do it yourself or pay for it".

It is my personal opinion that:

* Do it yourself
* Pay for it
* Report it ( when the author has stated that they did )

Those comments add nothing to any discussions, they sidetrack discussion and only alienate people. Just do a google search and its horrible how many posts show up with this type of comment or variation.

Some people feel overly aggressive in defending D from criticism that it only alienates people. It has alienated me. Whenever i think about D, it positive feeling to move forward is always matched with dread thinking about some people or comments when i want to talk about issues.

The nice people here do not way up, to the people with a chip on there shoulder, that just ruin your day/mood.

It also does not help when comments boil down how "windows users do not contribute" when they actually do. Its very condescending and just scares away people.

The reason you hear this is because you are getting an explanation of how things work around here. You write "Those comments add nothing to any discussions" and in a sense that is true. But that's because there really isn't a reason to have a discussion. You are getting an answer. There is nothing to be gained from saying "someone should do this and this and this". When you get those responses, it is simply people explaining how things are done. It wouldn't make sense to go into a clothing store and complain that they don't sell fried chicken. If you're in the market for fried chicken, don't go to a clothing store. The things you want - a perfect out-of-the-box Windows experience, where you can make requests for others to do the things you want - is not what D has to offer.

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