On Friday, 2 February 2018 at 15:06:35 UTC, Benny wrote:
75. Go
69. .Net
67. Rust
64. Pascal < This one surprised even me.
63. Crystal
60. D
55. Swift
51. Kotlin

It is interesting that you took the time to score different languages, but of course, there probably are a lot languages or frameworks that you didn't score.

Anyway, I think in most cases polyglot programmers looking for high productivity would pick a language from a very small set of parameters, which basically has very little to do with the language itself:

What would be the most productive tooling for this very narrow problem I am facing? Then you look at tooling that has been used for similar problems, and the eco system around that.

Rust, Crystal, Kotlin and Pascal would typically be very far down on that list. The eco system being an issue.

In reality many programming tasks can be solved efficiently with "interpreted" languages like Python or the Javascript-ecosystem. I.e. you can get good performance and high productivity for many applications if you are selective in how you build your application. The reason for this? They have been used for many different applications, so other people have already done the groundwork.

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