Ignore the part about Pascal and read the Post by matthieum:

I have, for my company, been part of a group in charge of exploring the criteria for the inclusion of new languages in the company's set of supported languages.

Here are some of the comments:

Note that we already rejected D because we did not find it compelling enough. We are not looking for a 10% better language; given the cost of adding a language (as alluded above), which are much more linked to talent management than technological issues, a new language has to:

either cover an area that is ill-covered today (we added Python in the last couple years for this, and Scala is being prototyped for BigData analysis)

or bring a significant benefit it aims at displacing an existing language

This is part of the issues that D faces. Especially that last sentence... "bring a significant benefit".

And some other user his responds:

D is now more of a research platform for Walter than anything else.

Public image is very important ... Its not the first time stumbling on comments like this.

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