On Monday, 12 February 2018 at 22:10:49 UTC, Bo wrote:
On Monday, 12 February 2018 at 21:49:00 UTC, Craig Dillabaugh wrote: How to fix? It only gets fixed when the people above put forward a clear goal for the language. When that is lacking and people move at random like headless chickens with the end result?


why not try, for a change to show a positive attitude
you must of have heard of something good about D that brought you here

D, had a small community, so any contribution you make will be very visible and appreciated

betterC is not a bad initiative, and i dont think we have the right to tell others where to put their effort, its too bossy, and you wouldnt accept it for yourself

I believe the untold D one true calling, is to be a full stack language, used for both high level and low level programming, offering all the programming facilities in one coherent package .. it will take time to get this right

betterC fit well into this, in my opinion, by improving support for the low level parts of a program

There is no train that D, is trying to catch, so take your time with D, continue using the other languages you find more productive or commercial, and give D 10% of your time

In that time, you can catch a bug, and issue a bug report
Write a missing library
Extend a library

Those are simple suggestions that should be feasible to anyone

Compiler hacking is not for everyone, and I know this can be the source of frustration for many developers, you cant change D, but dont let this consume you

Again consider my suggestion, just give D 10% of your time .. and use it for something positive

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