On Tuesday, 13 February 2018 at 03:15:44 UTC, bachmeier wrote:
I don't see a negative trend. It's always been negative around here, and I've never understood why. It's the best language I've used by a significant margin. D is the inverse of the Lisp community, which believes the Common Lisp Hyperspec was delivered on stone tablets.

Funny. Maybe it is a self-organising engineering culture that has evolved. We have a mixture of critical people here and the occasional nutcase. You see that in most popular FOSS projects, but D is pretty extreme.

The harmful part of all theses messages, apart from disgusting the more sensitive among us, is that I find people (say at this FOSDEM - btw great talk Kai) telling me that D is immature. These people read these threads. So they don't even try D. Being positive helps recruit people into trying things out on their own. I would not call it social engineering per se, but ultimately you want people to come in the door and try stuff. Only then will merit pay off.

I start to wonder if we just shut off and remove the forum history would actually improve the takeup of D. I wonder if project leaders would stop posting it would actually improve the takeup of D. Maybe we should just try that for a year. Someone I knew would (in the days of paper) move his inbox into the trash. He would say: if it is really important it will come back. A clean slate makes the day fresh.

My proposal: remove the forum and history completely and for a year only produce blogs. We still have github, bugzilla, DIPs etc. Plenty ways to express yourself and contribute. Project leaders stop posting so they can focus on the technical side of things.

I've even raised the issue myself. Everyone complains about Walter and Andrei and the lack of tools and so on, but I see a lot of progress. I don't really care about who isn't using D or why. For many years I saw the same thing in the Linux community yet year after year I had a computer that just worked.

Yes. Remember the days everyone was using Windows and just a few of us were using Linux. I do not think D will be *that* successful, but it has enough momentum to keep going. It is a solid investment in my book.

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