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btw. Mozilla has long had an unusual interest in people specifically from the Oregon State University.


Emily Dunham (the one in that youtube video, is also a graduate of that university - hired by Mozilla on 2015).

Oregon is also considered to be "The First Scientology City".

now I don't want to be too much of conspiracist..but...

It was also interesting to listen to Emily as she effectively endorsed, praised, and encouraged, the Rust communities 'moderation attack squad' (timepoint: 9:34), and pointing out how seriously 'the moderators team' need to take their duties (timepoint: 8:55).

Attack squads are in integral component within scientology too - although the actions of these squads are justified based on the so called 'Fair Game Policy' (instead of 'Code of Conduct'):


... and so...the plot thickens..

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