Dear Heath and Steve,
Thanks Heath, I will try and test today. Monay is always busy but will try.

Also wrt dying processes.. dying unix processes never disappear
quickly. They are not actively taken out of the mix unless resources
are not released. Usually removed at idle time or thereabouts.
Bottom line is on exit... forget.
You can see numbers of terminated processes on a high load system.
A terminated daemon will have absolutely no effect on the system beyond
occupying a process slot and there is an argument that cleaning all those
up while the system is busy will slow you down anyway!!

This is a unix pov!!!


>> I notice the number of daemons gets fairly large (right now it's 36,
>> with
>> nothing going on net-wise). Should they go back to zero? (5 minutes
>> after I
>> wrote that, it's still 36.)
>Yes, they should. Something is probably not right there. NTLM does rely
>on persistant connections, but they should still be closed eventually.
>As Bruce suggest, they most likely will not do any harm - Unix systems
>are quite good at handling lots of background processes. But I'd
>definately feel better if they died a fair bit more quickly than that.

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