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writemichaelmarti...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Andrew
> To me, Websockets is the defining use case for using Django Channels. From
> a user POV, saying that Channels is focused on the wrong problem
> (websockets) is like saying Django is too focused on HTTP.
> When I have selected Channels (vs other tools), my rationale was not:
> "*I need a general purpose async platform and it would be great if it
> worked with Websockets, ZeromQ and played nice with Django...*"
> (therefore Django Channels vs Tornado vs ...)
> rather my rationale is more like:
> "*I need to build real time features with Websockets using Django..*"
> (therefore Django Channels).

Oh, I totally get that, and Channels does well at providing WebSockets -
the problem is that it's still an area with a lot less interest and also
one I personally have no use for at the moment. Those things combined mean
that WebSockets is not something I'm really interested in supporting for
free right now; I'd have to be paid to work on it (as I was with the
Mozilla grant for a lot of Channels' development).


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