I hoped to get a reaction here of some sort from Microsoft, Google or Yahoo, but my mail might got burried underneath useless rants about DMARC and DNSSEC...

Btw: Did anyone notice that AOL sends DMARC reports with two To: headers?

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On 2016-10-04 09:21, Juri Haberland via dmarc-discuss wrote:

while writing a patch for OpenDMARC, I stumbled accross problems with the
size limit in DMARC URIs that some of the big players have.

Microsoft cannot cope at all with an URI like "rep...@example.org!10m" -
you won't receive a single report.

Yahoo and Google do send a report and respect the size limit - as long as
this URI is the only one in the rua tag.
As soon as one adds another URI (with or without size limit) to the rua
tag, Google and Yahoo forget to strip the size limit from the URI and thus
try to send a mail to "rep...@example.org!10m"!

As OpenDMARC also had problems with the size limit in older versions, it is
best to avoid the use of size limits for now.
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