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Btw: Did anyone notice that AOL sends DMARC reports with two To: headers?

Looking at the last few reports I received from them for this domain, I
only see one 5322.To header. But the most recent report was
mid-September. Anybody else out there seeing two? It could make tracking
down a bug much easier for them.

My last report is half a year old, but has two headers, too:

From: abuse_dm...@abuse.aol.com
To: r...@dmarc.sapienti-sat.org
To: pboza...@ag.dmarcian.com

So it seems, AOL is putting every rua URI into a seperate To: header...

I'm surprised no AOL people spoke, so I CC this to the address I found in their report_metadata/email field.

Instead, we could add an extra_contact_info entry pointing to this list, no?

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