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> > AERO uses IPv6 Neighbor Discovery as its control-plane. Surely that is the 
> > most mature?
> Yes when used in a layer-2 subnet. Uses in a wider scope it has NHRP 
> properties.

The AERO tunnel is an NBMA link the same as for any link, and uses RFC4861 
discovery messaging. All nodes on the link can communicate as single-hop 

> If you remember we had something called LISP-EMACS (thanks John Curran) which 
> we “ARPed a Map-Request over a layer 3 multicast
> fabric” to resolve mappings.

I don't recall that, but AERO got its start with ISATAP back in Y2K .
Like AERO, ISATAP uses IPv6 ND messaging over tunnels.

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