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And this is the ASCII (darkpurpy) default login screen.

The ASCII (darkpurpy) has much better color resolution, so that's good.

I'd recommend making the text about F1 and man slim significantly
bigger and perhaps within the darker color. You have plenty of real
estate there.

Another recommendation I have, although it wouldn't be easy, is to have
buttons labeled 2x font and 4x font. This would blow up the font for
really sight deficient people who need enough readability to set their
font appropriately.

I haven't thought this out completely, but it's purpose is to save
people from the buried shovel where if only they could read the screen,
they could enlarge the font, and if only they could enlarge the font,
they could read the screen.



Steve, I appreciate your comments but you are really late to this party. The ASCII slim theme was finished in December and the layout and font sizing are identical to the one in Jessie which is about a year ago. The slim panel has also been posted to this list maybe a dozen times in the last year. So the Jessie and ASCII ship have sailed. I'll have a look at enlarging the font when I start on Beowulf but there will be no fussy buttons (for both technical and aesthetic reasons).

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