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> On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 10:59:34PM -0500, goli...@dyne.org wrote:
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>> Steve, I appreciate your comments but you are really late to this party.
>> The ASCII slim theme was finished in December and the layout and font sizing
>> are identical to the one in Jessie which is about a year ago. The slim panel
>> has also been posted to this list maybe a dozen times in the last year. So
>> the Jessie and ASCII ship have sailed.  I'll have a look at enlarging the
>> font when I start on Beowulf but there will be no fussy buttons (for both
>> technical and aesthetic reasons).
> Sorry for interrupting. I am the least "graphically-sensible" here,
> but I guess we should try to make the default Devuan desktop as
> accessible as possible to visually-impaired users. I have no clue
> about how system fonts are managed in XFCE, but it shouldn't be
> impossible to have two icons in the default desktop to set the font to
> +4 and +8 points. Something we should definitely plan around for
> Beowulf, indeed.

We already have two buttons on the desktop for enlarging and reducing the
font and icons, thanks to Joerg Reisenweber, but it's only in the
desktop-live, and it's only for xfce. I haven't looked at it in a long
time, but I think it's ready to be packaged.


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