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> > Great. Let's do it then. It's a tiny change that costs nothing and
> > makes life a lot easier for many users. We could just package it and
> > include it among the deps of XFCE.
> If it's not installed by default, you still have the buried shovel: The
> user who can't read the fonts can't install the package.
> What do you all think of also connecting a pair of hotkeys to increase
> and decrease fonts via fontsnaps?

I understand your former comment, but the latter seems
inconsequential: if you don't have the package installed by default,
the keybindingss won't work.

My suggestion was exactly to have the fontsnaps package included as a
dep in all the supported "task-*-desktop", so that it gets installed
automatically if the user install task-whatever-desktop.

Steve: would you like to help with that? 



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