On 03/12/2018 03:16 PM, KatolaZ wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 01:32:01PM -0400, Steve Litt wrote:
> [cut]
>>> Great. Let's do it then. It's a tiny change that costs nothing and
>>> makes life a lot easier for many users. We could just package it and
>>> include it among the deps of XFCE.
>> If it's not installed by default, you still have the buried shovel: The
>> user who can't read the fonts can't install the package.
>> What do you all think of also connecting a pair of hotkeys to increase
>> and decrease fonts via fontsnaps?
> I understand your former comment, but the latter seems
> inconsequential: if you don't have the package installed by default,
> the keybindingss won't work.
> My suggestion was exactly to have the fontsnaps package included as a
> dep in all the supported "task-*-desktop", so that it gets installed
> automatically if the user install task-whatever-desktop.
> Steve: would you like to help with that? 

Adding it as a dep is a good idea. Once it's installed, it can be found in
the menu under "Other" in xfce. I'm not sure where it shows up in other
menus. The user can dig through the menu and find it once, then copy the
.desktop files to their desktop. They're in /usr/share/applications/
LARGER_FONTS.desktop and SMALLER_FONTS.desktop

Getting the icons on the desktop in the live iso is easy - I just put a
copy in the rootfs_overlay and it gets copied to the target. I'm not sure
what the best way would be to do this automatically.

OK, this works, too. It copies the .desktop files to the current user's

xdg-desktop-icon install --novendor LARGER_FONTS.desktop

xdg-desktop-icon install --novendor SMALLER_FONTS.desktop


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