Le 06/04/2018 à 03:33, Steve Litt a écrit :
Spinning optical media has soooo many advantages:

* Easy to label.
* Easy and dense to store.
* Read only: No urge to cannibalize backups.
* Cheap as hell.
* Lasts decades if kept in a box in air conditioned room.
* Boots more reliably than thumb drives.
* More difficult to lose or confuse with others.

Thumb drives are nice for temporary storage, and with USB3 maybe even
overflow storage, but AFAIK they can't be put in a read-only state, so
if you're booting from them, you're never really sure what's on them. I
dare anyone to make a virus to infect an already recorded and finished

    SD cards (not even speaking of micro-SD) have a higher density and can be put in readonly mode. They are certainly more expensive, but re-usable.

    CDs and DVDs have several different standards and most drives cannot read all of them. I've also experienced that CDs written on a drive couldn't be read from another one and vice-versa. CDs and DVDs are OK for archiving data for a few years; I don't trust them for longer.

    For what concerns an installer, a few weeks is longer than what you need and there's nothing precious. Better use an USB stick or an SD card if you can download the content from the Internet.

    I think CDs are mostly good for usages in which it matters that the support is inexpensive, like commercial videos. But also, of course, when nothing else is available.


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