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> Am Freitag, 6. April 2018 schrieb Didier Kryn:
> >      SD cards (not even speaking of micro-SD) have a higher density
> > and can be put in readonly mode. They are certainly more expensive,
> > but re-usable.  
> How do you effectively do so? That little "switch" you find on some
> cards is a hint for the driver, nothing more. Ok, it's hard on PCs to
> circumvent this, but if you have an arduino on your hand ...

I want to stress this information, as I consider it important: Yes, the
little movable piece of plastic at the side of an SD card does not have
any influence on the electronics of the card itself, but is sampled only
by the card reader. So this "protection" can be easily manipulated by
the driver, as in the hardware of the reader.

BTW, does anybody have information or references on the reliability of
SD cards as long term backup resp. storage (write once then read-only)

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