Hi Romeo & NCC DNS team -

first of all, congrats to the addition of resilience to the NCC's DNS
services! Good to have this aboard these days, I (unfortunately have to)

On 18.10.2016 10:54, Romeo Zwart wrote:
> [...]
> The proposal submitted by VeriSign Sàrl (“Verisign”) was the best fit.
> We subsequently signed a contract with Verisign, which comes into effect
> before the end of this year. The contract is for the period of one year,
> with the intention to renew yearly. Prior to renewal, we will look at
> the benefits of the service and actual market situation at that time to
> decide on renewing the service.

in the light of transparency, will resp. can the contract be disclosed?

If not, is it a contract (draft) that has been put on the table by the
NCC? Or, vice versa, VeriSign's standard contract for such services? Or
rather - as a result of heavy negotiations in smoke filled rooms behind
closed doors ;-) - an amalgam of both?

Also, how (far) the three final bidders met the RfP requirements would
be interesting. I don't mind if the names of the non-winning two would
be anonymized.

Thanks & best,


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