Hi Jim,

On 18.10.2016 11:36, Jim Reid wrote:
> The contractual terms are implementation detail and therefore out of
> scope for the WG. This also applies to the RFP and NCC’s selection
> procedure.

what other forum you would see fit then for such kind of Q&A?

> The WG should only intervene here -- ie by asking the NCC board to
> investigate -- if we have reason to believe the RFP and/or contract
> was unfair or defective in some way.

For the record: I am not even only remotely insinuating this by any
means at all - I am just a curious Internet Citizen in this regard.

But as a side note: how would you come to believe that the RfP and/or
contract is unfair or defective in some way, if neither one is disclosed?

> The WG must not and can’t (try to) micromanage the NCC’s DNS team.

Not that I have attempted this by any means, I think.



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