> On 18 Oct 2016, at 10:53, Antonio Prado <thinko...@gmail.com> wrote:
> besides, I cannot fully understand how this WG could ask the NCC board
> to investigate "if we have reason to believe the rfp was unfair or
> defective in some way" when, actually, you just said "the contractual
> terms are out of scope for the WG".

Antonio, these are two different things.

The WG does not concern itself with what’s in this contract or how the RFP was 
conducted. That’s operational/implementation detail. If the service provided by 
the contract or RFP went wrong in some way or if someone complains, that falls 
within the WG’s remit. We don’t need to have knowledge of the content of that 
contract (or the RFP) to raise questions whenever a problem arises. ie The WG 
could formulate a list of questions for the NCC management/board and ask them 
to look into the matter and report back.

I hope this clarifies matters.

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