> On 18 Oct 2016, at 09:54, Romeo Zwart <romeo.zw...@ripe.net> wrote:
> The proposal submitted by VeriSign Sàrl (“Verisign”) was the best fit.
> We subsequently signed a contract with Verisign, which comes into effect
> before the end of this year. The contract is for the period of one year,
> with the intention to renew yearly. Prior to renewal, we will look at
> the benefits of the service and actual market situation at that time to
> decide on renewing the service.

Thanks Romeo. This is great news.  Bringing in a competent DNS hosting provider 
will add diversity and resiliance to the DNS infrastructure for ripe.net. It’s 
also good that these new arrangements are documented in a contract. I’m sure 
the WG agrees. Well, I hope it does... :-)

I’m sure you’ll keep the WG informed of how this works out and what happens 
when the contract comes up for renewal.

My thanks and appreciation to your team for the hard work of preparing and 
running the RFP and arranging the contract with the supplier.

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