Il 13/11/2018 15:12, Dave Barton ha scritto:
On 13.11.2018 00:48, Luca Daghino @ Libero wrote:
Il 05/11/2018 17:21, Olivier Hallot ha scritto:
Hello fellow Authors

This weekend we worked to fix the NextCloud service for Authors. The
issues were a few and all were fixed.

* The previous ODFAuthor share was a folder under my user ID and thus
was limited in size by the default TDF member storage. We created a
group folder where the limits were increased to a workable condition and
similar to the old Plone size.

* The existing files were moved from my share to the group folder (now I
can breathe !).

* Dave Barton is populating the new share with the relevant files picked
in the old Plone, reproducing the folder structure of the old file

* As decided in the last doc team meeting, the ODFAuthors share was
renamed "LibreOffice Documentation" .

* Authors interested to join and access LibreOffice Documentation share
are invited to ask in this mailing list. I will assign their login to
the "odfauthors"  group.

* we would like to invite other language communities to join the new
LibreOffice Documentation share in NextCloud, as Brazilians, Germans and
Turks already did.

* Everybody is invited to participate in our documentation team meeting
and every Wednesday at 19:00 (Berlin time)

Kind regards

Hello Olivier,

I created the other day a folder for the Italian community in the new
NextCloud space. Is it possible for you (or infra members) to move
everything in odfauthors/LibreOffice/Italian to this new folder in
nextcloud, maybe using scripts?

Or do we have to move all files manually?

And... while trying to login to NextCloud right now, I'm forwarded to
this page:

where I see nothing but 3 buttons on the left (one is JSON)

Thank you! :)
Hi Luca,

I don't believe it is possible to automate the copying over of content
from ODFAuthors to Nextcloud in the way that you would like.

I copied over all the required English content by downloading the files
locally to one of my computers, then uploading them to Nextcloud.
Getting the files from ODFAuthors has to be done one file at a time :( ,
but Nextcloud does allow for (very careful) drag and drop batch
uploading :) .

Hello Dave,
Ok, I'll do that asap.

There appears to be a problem with the redirection of your Nextcloud
login that needs fixing.
Guilhem: Any chance you could help Luca with this?


Thanks! :)

Luca Daghino
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