Il 05/11/2018 17:21, Olivier Hallot ha scritto:
Hello fellow Authors

This weekend we worked to fix the NextCloud service for Authors. The
issues were a few and all were fixed.

* The previous ODFAuthor share was a folder under my user ID and thus
was limited in size by the default TDF member storage. We created a
group folder where the limits were increased to a workable condition and
similar to the old Plone size.

* The existing files were moved from my share to the group folder (now I
can breathe !).

* Dave Barton is populating the new share with the relevant files picked
in the old Plone, reproducing the folder structure of the old file storage.

* As decided in the last doc team meeting, the ODFAuthors share was
renamed "LibreOffice Documentation" .

* Authors interested to join and access LibreOffice Documentation share
are invited to ask in this mailing list. I will assign their login to
the "odfauthors"  group.

* we would like to invite other language communities to join the new
LibreOffice Documentation share in NextCloud, as Brazilians, Germans and
Turks already did.

* Everybody is invited to participate in our documentation team meeting
and every Wednesday at 19:00 (Berlin time)

Kind regards

Hello Olivier,

Would you please create an account for me (italian l10n team coordinator for guides, wiki, website), using ?

I already have access through the unified login procedure, in case that matters.

Please also write me the necessary link to login.

Thank you!

Luca :)

Luca Daghino
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Sanskrit - Realize it's the common language ;-)

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