On Monday, 15 February 2021 17:06:07 GMT Patrick Wigmore wrote:
> I'm left wondering:
> "Where are you calling next_playlist()?"
> "What do you mean by 'freezes'?"

That is triggered by another button on the Webserver Control page.

> If you are calling next_playlist from an interrupt handler and if, by
> 'freezes', you mean 'seems to stop handling interrupts', then this
> could just be another manifestation of the same issue.

Indirectly yes.  When the button is pressed, the Webserver generates a message 
which it sends to the Music program.  There is a cron job, triggerd by 
apscheduler which parses the message and in this case calls the 
next_playlist() function.  So yes.  It could still be related.


                Terry Coles

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