On Tuesday, 16 February 2021 13:54:55 GMT Terry Coles wrote:
> I've just spotted a difference between the code used by the Change Rings
> Player on the Bells Pi and the code used by Music Player on the Music Pi. 
> I'm hopeful that this will be the problem.

Well it looked useful, but made no difference.

In the function change_rings_start() on the Bells Pi, there are the following 

    blackhole = open(os.devnull, 'w')

    if c_player is None:
        c_player = subprocess.Popen(['mpg123', c_path], stdin=subprocess.PIPE,
                     stdout=blackhole, stderr=blackhole)

whereas the function in the Music Player doesn't use this approach.  Clearly 
the whole purpose of the blackhole is to stop the Player writing it's output 
to the screen, but I'm not convinced there is any advantage in this.  Anyway 
it made no difference to the freezing.

So I'm kind of back where I started.


                Terry Coles

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