In regards to gkrellm look in your home folder from .gkrellm2. open this folder and look for user-config file, there is a setting in there called "save_position" (about line 16), remove the numerical value, reboot or log out the desktop, move Gkrellm to the required location, right click on the GKrellm monitor and select configuration, select General, Properties Tab and select the following three options Set sticky state, set on top of other windows of the same type, Set window type to be a dock or panel, click OK. It should now stay there if it still does not work try changing the theme, I am using clockwork Cobalt without issue.

The running version gkrellm 2.3.11 on Mint 21.1 XFCE

Hope it helps

Tim H

On 03/05/2023 11:00, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
Hi Peter,

why does Gkrellm sometimes come up in the centre of the screen when
I start the computer, and mostly in the top left where I want it and
always move it to.
Windows are normally placed by the window manager.  These days, the WM
comes as part of the desktop environment.  I think you use Kubuntu.
Searching suggests Kubuntu's WM is called KWin.

If that is the WM you're using, then that web page is a good starting
point and mentions fixing the starting position of a window as well as
linking to a page on stating general rules for windows.

I expect the default is to place it centrally if possible but move it so
as to avoid overlapping other windows if needed.  This means the end
position depends on what windows are already open and where they are.
If several programs are starting then the order of there windows
appearing may vary with the knock-on effect on Gkrellm's end position.

I didn't make last night.  My problem is the Android phone which I use
for Jitsi now stays permanently ‘Awake’, burning through 100% of battery
in about four hours.  The battery chart's detail has ‘Media’ as one of
the top two users, but the percentage of all those that are listed is
well under 50%.  I suspect Media though because clicking it shows it is
Awake for 100% of the time and used CPU for about 50% of it.  Perhaps
that's a dual-core thing.

By going through each of the Apps under Settings and doing Force Stop,
I got the battery chart's line horizontal for about three hours but then
something started it diving again on the fixed gradient to 0%.

Airplane mode doesn't help.  Battery Saver mode only changes the
gradient a little.  I've now uninstalled what apps I can, disabled many
more, including fundamentals like Phone and Messages.  The problem
probably isn't Media itself but something making use of it.  My current
suspect is Google Play.

Google finds many other people complaining of Media keeping a phone
awake over the years with no fix.  The problem started after the phone
didn't received the Government's emergency message, though that's
probably just correlation.  :-)

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