Hi Peter,

> > > My problem is the Android phone which I
> > > use for Jitsi now stays permanently ‘Awake’, burning through 100%
> > > of battery in about four hours.  The battery chart's detail has
> > > ‘Media’ as one of the top two users, but the percentage of all
> > > those that are listed is well under 50%.  I suspect Media though
> > > because clicking it shows it is Awake for 100% of the time and
> > > used CPU for about 50% of it.  Perhaps that's a dual-core thing.
> What app is this battery chart?

It's built in.

- Swipe down for Notifications.
- Tap battery, arrive at ‘Battery usage’ with a chart of recent
- ‘More Settings’ underneath it, arrive at ‘Battery’.
- Same chart shown but underneath is ‘Use since last full charge’ and
  then a few apps listed.
- Either tapping the chart puts extra bars underneath it showing what
  was on at different times of discharge, e.g. ‘Screen on’, and ‘Awake’.
- Or tapping one of the apps gives detail on its usage, e.g.


    CPU total            2h 36m 49s
    Keep awake           5h  9m 33s
    Computer power use   410 mAh

I'm guessing this phone is dual core given:

    $ units -1 '2 hour + 36 minute + 49 s' '5 hour + 9 minute + 33 s'
            * 0.5065956

> SWMBO keeps complaining that her tablet doesn't hold a charge
> overnight, and I wonder what she has running.

She may have nothing ‘running’ in terms of apps she can swipe closed or
‘Clear all’.  But Android does much unseen and without any means of
controlling it.

> Dear S-in-L who is an Electrical Engineer, suggests getting a better
> charger with more oomph.

I am not aware speed of charging has much effect on speed of discharge.
If the battery charge is reported as being 100% then it doesn't matter
how it got there as far as I know.

I've charged this phone slowly using a 5 V, 550 mA plug and USB data
cable.  And quickly with the ‘TurboCharger’ plug-and-cable-in-one which
shipped with the phone.  I choose on convenience.  It makes no
difference to my tests.

This is a software issue here.  As I said, by ‘Force stop’, etc., on all
apps, I could get the discharge to level out for a few hours.  It's
‘Keep awake’ which is killing the battery.  And that's caused by
software telling Android it wants the phone kept awake.

Cheers, Ralph.

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