I didn't make last night.  My problem is the Android phone which I use
for Jitsi now stays permanently ‘Awake’, burning through 100% of battery
in about four hours.  The battery chart's detail has ‘Media’ as one of
the top two users, but the percentage of all those that are listed is
well under 50%.  I suspect Media though because clicking it shows it is
Awake for 100% of the time and used CPU for about 50% of it. Perhaps
that's a dual-core thing.

What app is this battery chart?  SWMBO keeps complaining that her tablet 
doesn't hold a charge overnight, and I wonder what she has running. I have just 
installed Accubattery.

Dear S-in-L who is an Electrical Engineer, suggests getting a better charger with 
more oomph. All of the chargers that I have are rated at 5V/1A. Charging the two 
phones in the house shows the device drawing  approx 500ma, and the same charger 
on my tablet is giving >1A.   I have repeated this on about 6 chargers.  So it 
ain't the fault of the charger.  [ I just plugged my tablet into a powerbank, and 
it is getting ~667mA. ]


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