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> Anyone try the 128K high speed data while mobile?
> I mean in a vehicle above say at a constant 30-45 mph.
>  What about at higher speeds? Would it work
> to say a helicopter or airplane orbiting over the city
> where the access point is? Or would the Doppler shift
> be too much? I am wondering if it could be used to
> feed data to/from a CAP spotter heli/plane should the
> proper equipment be installed in the craft?
> Also would like to know of anyone successfully using VOIP.
> Is it possible to send voip over the high speed link.
> I am thinking asterisk box with a standard pstn connection
> at the AP and some kind of IAX client running ILBC
> or GSM. That way a served agency could make a
> real TX call via a d-star connection.
> The only other way could like of being able to do this is via
> a DVDongle and some creative audio patching.
> The concept is to be able to get a call to PSTN via D-star.

Hi Don,
when you drive normally you cannot able to navigate to internet, is  
very dangerous. But when you are in parking that's sound good. So a  
second operator in car with me have good delay of ping around 63ms to  
car speed of 80Km/h near the AP...about 15Km in LOS.

For VoIP we use Teamspeak, with 3/4 users in the server connected the  
streaming is good.

73 de Antonio IW2OAZ

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