Our limited experience so far has required directional antennas to go 3 to 4 
miles on ground level up to 2 stories. Higher elevation with a clear path got 
17 miles with omnidirectional gain antennas (4 segment colinear).
  The cases were:
  12 element Yagi at 5ft to omnidirectional at 35 ft, 3 miles.
  Omnidirectional at 15ft to omnidirectional at 35 ft, 5 miles.
  12 element Yagi at 45ft to omnidirectional at 20 ft, 4 miles. 
  Omnidirectional at 7ft to omnidirectional at 35 ft, 17 miles. High point to 
high point clear path.
  Buildings and trees have a significant effect at ground level and we are 
sticking with non-mobile operation. We are also doing WiFi access, data 
transfer which tends to be stationary.
  Air mobile might have a chance subject to rotor/propeller multipath effects.

Don Russell <w9...@live.com> wrote:
Anyone try the 128K high speed data while mobile?

I mean in a vehicle above say at a constant 30-45 mph. 
What about at higher speeds? Would it work
to say a helicopter or airplane orbiting over the city
where the access point is? Or would the Doppler shift
be too much? I am wondering if it could be used to
feed data to/from a CAP spotter heli/plane should the
proper equipment be installed in the craft?

Also would like to know of anyone successfully using VOIP. 
Is it possible to send voip over the high speed link. 
I am thinking asterisk box with a standard pstn connection
at the AP and some kind of IAX client running ILBC
or GSM. That way a served agency could make a 
real TX call via a d-star connection. 
The only other way could like of being able to do this is via 
a DVDongle and some creative audio patching.

The concept is to be able to get a call to PSTN via D-star.



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