Hi Don,

As someone else mentioned, VOIP over the 23cm DD link may be a challenge 
for a few reasons.  However, I think DV is the right place to focus PSTN 
interconnect.  Then you have the choice of 2m, 70cm, and 23cm and by 
taking advantage of callsign routing calls can be addressed accordingly.

The debate about reverse autopatch aside, here is a scenario that is 
very straightforward:

   1. Create a channel driver for Asterisk that talks to an AMBE chip
      (either the DV Dongle or something new, like a multi-chip PCI
      card) - there is actually one written by KI4LKF, but probably
      needs a lot of refinement as he is using a different approach for
      his DPLUS alternative code.
   2. On the gateway create a callsign addressable route to the Asterisk
      box using SIP or IAX2
   3. On the Asterisk box configure a 'trunk' that is AMBE only.
   4. Create a dialplan on the Asterisk box that uses the AMBE trunk to
      callsign address D-STAR radios e.g. IAX2/iaxdstar.org/K7VE or
      SIP/sipdstar.org/K7VE.  Make individual stations extensions on the
      Asterisk PBX, e.g. extension 1000 is mapped to
      IAX2/iaxdstar.org/K7VE or assign a DID (Direct Inward Dial) such
      as +1-800-555-8355 mapped to IAX2/iaxdstar.org/K7VE. - with this
      setup K7VE could be signaled of incoming calls by an alert and
      withing the text portion of the signal the callerID of the caller
      could display and K7VE could either accept the call, send it to
      voicemail, or drop it entirely.  Also, with the features of
      Asterisk, the incoming call could be directed first to another
      PSTN number (landline, cell, etc.), and if those were not answered
      then the box could play audio instructions about proper Amateur
      Radio communications before signaling the called station.
   5. Calls from the radio could accounted for (and controlled) by the
      callsign of the calling station. Including a limited dialout plan,
      full record keeping (log) of all calls, and recording of such
      calls for later review.

Something to work towards, I think.

Don Russell wrote:
> Also would like to know of anyone successfully using VOIP. 
> Is it possible to send voip over the high speed link. 
> I am thinking asterisk box with a standard pstn connection
> at the AP and some kind of IAX client running ILBC
> or GSM. That way a served agency could make a 
> real TX call via a d-star connection. 
> The only other way could like of being able to do this is via 
> a DVDongle and some creative audio patching.
> The concept is to be able to get a call to PSTN via D-star.
> Thanks,
> Don

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