On Mar 15, 2009, at 4:11 AM, Don Russell wrote:

> Anyone try the 128K high speed data while mobile?

Due to the fact that it's a much wider signal than 1.2 DV, and the  
receiver at that width is not as sensitive, it takes a very solid  
signal into the Access Point/DD system to work well.

With our high site, we see that it works great over a large area when  
non-moving, but motion/multipath tears it up.  A continuous ping by  
one of our folks with a 1.2 GHz radio would start working at every  
stop light, and stop as soon as he was moving.

> I mean in a vehicle above say at a constant 30-45 mph.
> What about at higher speeds? Would it work
> to say a helicopter or airplane orbiting over the city
> where the access point is? Or would the Doppler shift
> be too much? I am wondering if it could be used to
> feed data to/from a CAP spotter heli/plane should the
> proper equipment be installed in the craft?

The harder part in an aircraft would be getting the 1.2 GHz signal  
outside the airframe.  1.2 GHz antennas for aircraft are in short  
supply, I'd say.

Remember also that it's 128K HALF-duplex...

Nate Duehr, WY0X

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