This is funny! My wife is clearly a D-Star supporter as well. She's
commented that she finds the exchanges more "serious and technical" and that
it doesn't sound like a CB". And I too like using my 92AD on just 100mw and
catching up with and staying in touch with friends in other cities and
countries while I'm sitting on the couch, the back yard or in my office.
These and several other things about D-Star make it very interesting and
exciting for me.

Donald ~ N2VU




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Hello Jim.

Quite agree with all you say.

Plus: the D-Star system I have now allows me to sit in the garden with
a handheld running 100mW and speaking to someone AND being able to
understand them, on the other side of the world. Yes I could fire up
HF battle through the QRM, QRN and idiots and do the same thing but
it's nice to have the option.

The other thing that gives D-Star the green light is my wife thinks
it's cool and she's not impressed with any other branch of the hobby.

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